To Our Wonderful You-Pickers!

We thought it might be a good time to get in touch with all of you folks who’ve made our U-Pick Grape harvest such a memorable time over these past years.

Luscious Courting Hill Pinot!

Right now, after a late start but with 90 degrees showing on the thermometer I think that we’ll have the harvest coming the 2nd, maybe 3rd week of October. But, as with any prediction, the weather can be full of surprises. That said, let’s talk about the grapes…. somewhat smaller bunches (set) but no problems with mites, mildew or other disease.. and if the weather decides to beat up on us we’ll be ready to fend off any potential ravages.

In a somewhat different harvest arrangement we intend to give you the option of choosing from the several clones of PN, PG and CHAR when picking your supply. (Look here for the map of the vineyard and the different blocks)

For instance, we have;

  • PN-Jackson on C5 – Blk 3
  • Pommard, own rooted, hi trellis – 1981 Blk 4
  • Pommard, own rooted, upright – Blk 5
  • PN 114 on Riesling – Blk 6
  • PN 115, on Riesling – Blk
  • PN 115, on Symphony – Blk 7A
  • PN 113, on Char 108 – Blk 8
  • PN 115, on Char 108 – Blk 9
  • PG, own rooted, hi trellis – (Blk 11 as noted)
  • PG on 3309 – Blk 11
  • PN-Jackson on Cabernet – Blk 12
  • PN-Jackson on 5BB/ Carmine – BlK 12
  • CH 96 on 101-14 – Blk 1
  • CH 76 on 101-14 – Blk 1A

Some of our U-Pickers' end products.

Perhaps a different location/clone would be of interest? All the wines you brought last year were well made and this option is not to suggest that you should make a change, but, if you’re of the “experimenting wine-buff” type, we have options! Of course, over the years some tasty wines have been produced from all the different blocks.

Your friends at Courting Hill,
Jimmy, Jenna and Adam!

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