PROLOGUE: The History Behind R. Stuart & Courting Hill’s Sparkling Media Sensation, Bubbly!


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Sound the trumpets, ring the gong, and bring the Champagne! Courting Hill Vineyard finally has a sparkling wine of its own and a dash of publicity to go with it! The wine in question is R. Stuart and Co.’s Bubbly: a sparkling Blanc de Blanc Brut wine made exclusively from our Chardonnay grapes. To add to the excitement, Bubbly was recently prominently featured in an article by Emily Grosvenor in The Zester Daily: “A Sparkling Romance In Oregon’s Vineyards.” The article describes the blossoming sparkling wine industry in the Willamette Valley.

Speaking of which, to celebrate to this momentous occasion, I’d like to enlighten all you oenophiles with a three part series. Hopefully, It will give you a peek into the facts and particulars of this world-renowned celebratory beverage and its history. There are many incredibly fascinating details to come, so pour yourself a glass of Bubbly, cup of tea, or your drink of choice, read the excellent Zester Daily article, and stay tuned to Courting Hill for Part One!

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